Supermoms Seminar II


A Seminar Specially Created to Celebrate Today's SUPERMOMS!


Why is Oumiworks organising the SuperMoms Seminar?
Isn't the myth of SuperMoms DEAD?
What does it mean to be a Supermom in today's context?

• Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed in your role as a mother?
• Are you coping well with juggling various roles as wife, mother, (daughter and daughter-in-law?)
• WAIT! CHOTO MATE KUDASAI! Did you forget your role as an INDIVIDUAL?
• How do you find time for yourself, amid all the other roles you play?
• Do you sacrifice Self in the chase to fulfill all other roles?
• No time at all for your Self?
• How does this take a toll on your self? Physically? Psychologically?
• Do you envy other moms who seem to have it all together?

If these are the questions that you have asked yourself before, these are the same questions we ponder upon.
These are the same questions we have heard from other mothers time and again.
Some of them dare to ask the questions, and dare to find the answers.
Some don't dare to even broach it, because they think that to question the sanctity of motherhood is almost blasphemous,
and they worry that they are automatically Bad Mothers because they are asking such questions.

What happens next is a bottling of guilt, envy, unhappiness and resentment.

Why do mothers do this to themselves?
Supermoms aren't much different, you know!
They struggle with the very same things,
the only difference is…

1. They ask the questions.
2. They find the answers.
3. They learn to choose their battles.
4. They learn to let go.
5. They learn to focus.
Before you can Be your child's First Teacher, you need to first learn to find your inner strength.
Connect with other mothers and find strength in each other.

After all, we are made from the same thing.

We Are Mothers.

Sun Mar 9, 2014
9:30 AM - 1:00 PM SGT
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To Be Advised, Singapore Singapore
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